So what do we do?

Eco-Nomics help you reduce your operating costs and reduce your energy consumption whilst improving your carbon credentials.

We take a commercial approach in everything we do and everything we suggest is backed up by a sound financial case, because that's the kind of advice that we listen to.

We provide you with accurate data to make informed, commercial decisions on how to make your building more energy efficient and your business more sustainable. We then help you implement these decisions.


STAGE 1 - Holistic Survey

After spending time to understand what you are looking to achieve, we typically start by carrying out a detailed, holistic survey of your building, identifying opportunities to reduce energy consumption and maintenance costs through the installation of numerous and varied 'green' technologies or changes in behaviour.

Using this data, our sophisticated software system then calculates the real world impact of each proposed measure, taking into account the cause and effect that each will have upon the next when implemented in your building.

We typically identify potential energy savings of 20% - 50% of a building's overall energy spend.

STAGE 2 - Fully Costed Roadmap

We provide you with a comprehensive, fully costed report, showing the accurate costs and payback periods of each technology or measure when applied to your building, taking into account the way it is used and any strategic plans you may have.

In addition to carrying out annual site heath checks*, we provide you with monthly alerts* about potential changes to your roadmap, with the report fully updated on a quarterly/six monthly basis*.

Our reports provide you with accurate information to make informed, commercial decisions about where you can reduce costs and energy consumption.
* Subject to a 'managed service' contract.

STAGE 3 - Implement Technologies

You decide which measures you'd like to explore further or progress with and we introduce our strategic partners for each chosen element.

As we work with a range of 'best in class' technology partners, in some cases we will introduce you to more than one supplier for a particular piece of work, allowing you to receive multiple quotes for work undertaken and leaving you to make the final choice on which supplier to use. We work closely with you throughout any projects.

You may at this stage consider installing a monitoring & targetting system in order to track your savings and help with ongoing energy management within your organisation. We can advise on the best system for you.

If required we can provide a variety of funding solutions for your project, allowing you to implement your strategy and start enjoying the benefits, sooner rather than later.

STAGE 4 - Continually remodel your building*

As you implement technologies into your building we can re-profile your energy efficiency roadmap accordingly, and so the cycle continues as your building becomes more efficient and your business enjoys reduced costs. At all stages you have an ongoing, accurate roadmap with Eco-Nomics working in partnership with you.
* Subject to a 'managed service' contract. 

Eco-Nomics tailor each proposal to the requirements and budget of each client.

The cost of using our services typically represents just a fraction of the amount of money we help our clients save!

The most popular option is to have an initial survey carried out which includes three months ongoing consultancy support.

If you just want help looking at a single technology, that's fine too.

We can carry out DECs and EPCs if you need them.

Eco-Nomics can also offer a 'managed service' option which, for a low monthly cost, provides you with an initial survey and then full consultancy support for a fixed period of time (6-36 months). 

Eco-Nomics then effectively acts as your 'Energy Reduction Manager'.

So what do we do?

Ours is a continual process, working in partnership with you to continually implement and develop your roadmap to ensure that you are kept up-to-date with changing legislation, new technologies, any changing costs and their impact on investment returns.