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Eco-Nomics and Considerate Hoteliers go into partnership

17 Nov 2014

Considerate Hoteliers today went into partnership with Eco-Nomics to provide specialist energy advisory services to the hotel industry.

Created in 1991, the Considerate Hoteliers Association (CHA) was one of the first hotel associations worldwide to impart the message that care for the environment and social responsibility should form a major part of a responsible hotelier's agenda. Now a Limited company, Considerate Hoteliers (CH) is an organisation run by hoteliers, for hoteliers, with a belief that sound business practices, common sense and social responsibility will impact positively on the bottom line as well as bring about change for the good.

Eco-Nomics is an energy consultancy established to help clients to reduce operating costs, achieve greater energy efficiencies and improve their 'green credentials'. By taking a holistic approach to energy efficiency, Eco-Nomics are able to advise on the best and widest range of measures and technologies to help hotels to make the right decisions.

Speaking about the partnership today Eco- Nomics Managing Director John Tarbet said,

“We are delighted to confirm that from today we will be working in partnership with Considerate Hoteliers to provide energy saving advice to the hotel industry. When people are on holiday they want to relax and not think about their energy usage, however this can be significant both from a sustainability perspective and in regard to a hotel’s profitability. As specialists in our fields we believe that Considerate Hoteliers and Eco-Nomics‘s Partnership will help hotels to address these major issues”.   

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