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Eco-Nomics and Planet Positive form energy efficiency strategic partnership

13 Feb 2012

Eco-Nomics, one of the UK's leading companies in the energy efficiency sector, today announced that they are entering into a strategic partnership with the internationally recognised sustainability certification organisation, Planet Positive.

The partnership aims to link the two company's complementary services. This will give their customers access to both the physical methods and technologies to generate renewable energy and reduce energy consumption, alongside tools to encourage behaviour change and provide easy access to sustainability projects for carbon mitigation and social investment.

Eco-Nomics currently lead the market in providing a turn-key service to aid businesses in making and implementing informed commercial decisions on how to make their buildings more energy efficient. Their four stage model starts by carrying out a very detailed, holistic survey. The data gathered is then inputted into their highly sophisticated software to calculate the 'real world' impact of each measures, taking into account the cause and effect that each technology or measure has upon the next.

This process provides an adjustable roadmap which shows the accurate costs and payback periods of each of these technologies/measures when applied to each building and the way that it is used. When the customer has decided which opportunities to pursue, Eco-Nomics then introduce recommended 'best in class' suppliers. Finally, if required, Eco-Nomics can provide financing solutions for a project - the fourth step in the process. Eco-Nomics don't charge their customers any large upfront payments but provide on going analysis, continually updating the client's roadmap for a small monthly management fee.

To achieve Planet Positive Business Certification, a company has to follow a four step process to measure and then reduce emissions, invest in a sustainability project and communicate their commitment to becoming more positive for the planet. Planet Positive also encourages direct action and behaviour change, stimulating businesses to support local and global sustainability projects.

Planet Positive themselves invest 10% of their fees to develop, promote and fund sustainability projects locally, nationally and internationally - from schools education programmes to protecting imminently endangered rainforest through the Cool Earth charity.

John Tarbet, Managing Director, Eco-Nomics said: "We believe that good business goes hand-in-hand with positive social and environmental actions. This historic partnership will allow both of our organisations to increase our portfolio offering to our customers, which in our case has previously been focussed solely on practical solutions to identify and reduce energy consumption. Now, working with Planet Positive, customers who buy the Eco-Nomics service can also formally commit to a longer term programme of measuring their carbon emissions and reducing them year on year."

CEO and Co-Founder of Planet Positive, Steve Malkin, commented: "2012 is the Year of Sustainability and the best possible time to become a green business. Our customers are actively engaged in reducing their carbon emissions year-on-year. Our partnership with Eco-Nomics will help customers go further in their energy and carbon management. It helps reduce their energy consumption and save money. This makes going green good for business, enjoyable for employees and, of course, great for the planet."

Eco-Nomics is also currently being certified by Planet Positive undertaking the process to be Planet Positive certified.

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