This collection of frequently asked questions provides brief answers to some common questions about the Eco-Nomics service.

Can you help with ESOS (Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme)?

Yes we can.

We have in house ESOS Lead Assessor capability and are able to provide everything from high level support and Lead Assessor 'sign off' through to a full support package, thereby reducing the worry, time and resource required to complete this mandatory scheme.

We successfully helped a large number of diverse clients complete ESOS Phase 1 and are now well underway with Phase 2 for many of our clients.

Additionally, we will be helping our clients engage with 'best in class' technology partners and funding options to help them actually implement significant energy efficiency measures that the ESOS audits identify. 

Please contact us for a no oblgiation, initial chat.

Can you help with EPCs (Energy Performance Certificates) and DECs (Display Energy Certificates)?

Yes we can.

We conduct both commercial EPCs and DECs throughout the UK - please contact us for a competitive quote.

What's different to the reports I've had from high profile Government backed bodies?

Whilst their report provides some very good, useful information they typically can't recommend specific products or manufacturers as they have to remain impartial. We don't.

Eco-Nomics have worked with many of the best technology partners over recent years across both public and private sector projects and we have a very strong network of strategic partners who we know to supply 'best in class' technology. We therefore use detailed product data and pricing (including installation) into our calculations to provide you with highly accurate, real costs and payback periods for you to consider.

This level of detail allows you to start making commercial decisions and planning from the moment you receive your first Eco-Nomics report.

Click here to see a useful summary as to why we're a bit different.

How accurate are your calculations in the reports and subsequent costs/payback periods?

We use a very sophisticated software system which has been designed by some of the most experienced energy assessors in the UK and with whom we have a strong partnership. All calculations conform to standard building regulations, SBEM etc but the calculations then go far beyond to look at the real world cause and effect that each proposed measure has upon each other, and ultimately your energy consumption.

Eco-Nomics has extensive experience and knowledge of green technologies and associated installation and engineering costs and these are used in the background calculations also to ensure that our projected Return on Investment figures are highly accurate.

What happens if I just want to look at a specific technology initially (i.e. just lighting or insulation)?

Whilst we will usually recommend to start with a holistic survey, we appreciate that you may already have implemented numerous technologies and now just want help in looking a specific measure.

This is fine too. We are happy to help and will introduce/work with the relevant technology partner(s) to assist you as required.

We already have an in house energy manager, can we still benefit from your services?

Yes, absolutely. We help your energy manager take a holistic view of your building stock and from there provide accurate data with which your energy manager can use when presenting business cases internally for funding energy efficiency projects.

Our experience across a wide portfolio of technologies brings trusted, proven technology partners to the table for consideration again saving you valuable time in having to assess individual products yourself and removing the risk of choosing the wrong product for your building.

Our surveying process, software and subsequent roadmaps provides a level of information that would normally take weeks, if not months to produce for each building, saving your energy manager valuable time to concentrate on actually implementing the projects.

Do you just provide our business with a single report?

This depends on how you choose to engage with us.

After carrying out our initial, comprehensive survey, we produce a detailed report for you, specific to your building.

If you sign up to our 'managed partner' service we then provide you with a fully updated report each quarter/every six months taking into account:

  • Changes in energy costs
  • Costs of technologies originally specified
  • New technologies that may have been added to our portfolio that are then modeled on your building
  • Ever changing legislation

All of which can significantly impact how your roadmap looks and affect individual measures and their payback periods.

Who are your technology partners?

Our partners range from large multinational technology companies to smaller, bespoke engineering companies, all of whom we have worked with closely across a variety of client projects.

Our partners have worked with some of the largest private companies in the UK along with many public sector bodies and references are always available.

They all share our values and commitment to delivering solutions that achieve real and tangible results. 

Will the initial survey interrupt my staff/clients/guests?

No, not at all.

Our initial survey is non-intrusive (i.e. there is no drilling, no electrical power down required). All our surveyors are professional, very experienced and understand the need for discretion when on site, whether it's a factory floor, University, corporate office or a luxury hotel.

Our surveyors typically spend between half a day and 4 days onsite, depending on the size of your building/site.

What are the costs?

Eco-Nomics tailor each proposal to the requirements and budget of each client.

The cost of using our services typically represents just a fraction of the amount of money we help our clients save!

The most popular option is to have an initial survey carried out which also includes three months of free support (introducing & managing 'best in class' technology partners and any funding solutions required).

Eco-Nomics can also offer a 'managed service' option which, for a low monthly cost, provides you with an initial survey and then full support for a fixed period of time (6-36 months).

Eco-Nomics then effectively acts as your 'Energy Reduction Manager'.

Do you cover the whole of the UK?

Yes, our team covers the whole of the United Kingdom, as do our technology partners.


Having successfully worked with the team at Eco-Nomics on a high profile lighting project at our UK Head Office, we know that they deliver accurate and achievable proposals, recommending excellent products. Perhaps most importantly, they understand the need for a sound business case to support any energy saving initiatives. I'd have no hesitation in recommending Eco-Nomics and their services.